Its gives me immens joy in welcoming you to the ever expanding fraternity of the Institute of Alternative Medicines , situated at the prime location of Arunachal Pradesh . IIAM has a well-regulated distance learning programme with ultra modern facilities for the study, research and practice of the verious branches of Alternative Medicines. The Institute provides the students with ample opportunity to develop their learning skills in their learning skills in their own environment, assimilate the exhaustive course content at their own speed and last but not least, harmonize their course curriculam with their own living habits.
The Institute awards prestigious Diplomas, Degrees and Post Graduate Degree Certificates in a wide varity of subjects like Naturopathy, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Magnetotherapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Biochemic Medicines, just to name a few.
In this regard we are offering you to be a part of our institute as a Honourary Councillor Centre and run our courses and to make arrengements of some awareness programmes time to time on Alternative Medicines at your local area.

For obtaining Honourary Councillor of your institute from IIAM the following are to be submitted :

1) One application asking about the Honourary Councillor mentioning with all details of your institute.
2) The copy of your institute's Mamorandum / By laws.
3) The Names & Addresses of the 7 (seven) committee members.
4) Two copies each PP phorographs of the President & Secretary.
5) Demand Draft in the name of Institute of Alternative Medicines Arunachal Pradesh which will be drawn at Arunachal Pradesh as a fees for the both Medical & Paramedical Affiliation. One receiving the above from your end you will be awarded with the Affiliated Centre certificate , after which you can take admissions and can run your institutte under our guidance over there at your place.
In an incredibly short apsn, Alternative Medicine has become one of the most popular career choices amongst today's modern generation. Hence, I cordially invite you to become an intergral part of our ever expanding global partner community. IAMK promises to be with you in every step of your way, as you sratr your journey into the mystical intricacies of this facinating subject, to eventually become the harbinger of a healthy world.......