About Us

Established under the OGAS Engineers and Consultants who are providing asset integrity solutions into the various fields in the energy sector covering Inspection & Corrosion. As of now, no such an institute is available in India exclusively covers the Asset Integrity Management solutions to the energy sector.

IIAM brings the international standard of education right to your doorstep by establishing the hi-tech education system, case studies and orientation program in order to enrich the participant knowledge in the above fields. The subject experts/consulting professionals at the IIAM will be assisted by the technical team from OGAS Engineers that is dedicated to solve the problems faced by energy industry due to various corrosion damage mechanism. Further, the institute will offer the placement assistance for the outstanding and meritorious candidate in both India and Middle East in the Energy Sector.


Initiative of the IIAM:
The IIAM Initiative on Education works to develop the field of Inspection , Corrosion, Welding and Non-Destructive testing. It fosters the field's growth and evolution by introducing new innovative methods to educators. Those methods will help to improve student academic performance, and create conducive environments to students becoming responsible, productive & result oriental professions in the asset integrity field.

The growth of IIAM can help keep the students learning and assist for their bright career in the energy sector. Our activity strengthens necessary skills such awareness, problem solving, providing alternate and workable solutions to manage and mitigate the corrosion control measures in the energy sector. Building these skills will enhances a broad range of educational outcomes, from academic achievement to professional work.

  • Diploma in Welding Engineering and Technology
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Inspection Engineering
  • Diploma in Corrosion control and Management
  • Diploma in Non-Destructive Testing
  • Diploma in Health & Safety Engineering and Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Metallurgy & Material Science
  • Diploma in Coating technology
  • Diploma in Pipeline Engineering